About Us

About Us

At Center for Performance Mastery (CPM), we pride ourselves in being client focused. We seek to fully understand our customers’ requirements and identify the best solution to meet desired outcomes. Sometimes, requirements are difficult to identify. Our associates are highly skilled in eliciting needs and expectations. We listen carefully, clarify often and challenge our clients to fully outline their requirements. CPM meets requirements consistently by being processed-oriented and data-driven. While there are uncertainties in undertaking any project, we strive to reduce those uncertainties by using standard proven practices to produce repeatable results. When unforeseen conditions interfere with obtaining desired results, we adapt promptly to overcome those obstacles and continue our efforts to produce the desired results. Organizations now face the most dynamic change environment ever identified. CPM can support your needs despite the changing workplace, the changing workforce, and the introduction of disruptive technology. Let us help your organization navigate these massive changes.

Our Mission

We provide services and solutions to support program and project management, organization development, training and development and business process management to both public and private customers.

Our Vision

Become a leader in providing relevant, cutting-edge processes, training, and strategies for improving performance and agility for organizations wanting to keep pace with an ever-changing world. CPM empowers its employees by providing challenging and expanding opportunities, encouraging initiative, and fostering personal leadership.

Our Leadership Team

Michael Sands, PMP, PCC

President/CEO, Sands Consulting Group, DBA Center for Performance Mastery

Michael Sands, the owner and founder of CPM, has over 25 years of experience in leadership, organization development, project management, quality management, team development, and training. He maintains a focus on work processes and seeks opportunities for improvement. While in the military, Sands served in a variety of positions of increasing leadership responsibility. He witnessed a variety of leadership styles and was greatly influenced by these experiences. Sands has led leader development efforts as a part of a consulting team. He is an adjunct faculty member of the Georgetown Leadership Coaching Program. Sands was also tasked on multiple occasions to lead projects and programs while in the military. He learned several lessons on how to manage projects effectively, but this was not always the case. Through his mistakes while managing projects, he also learned what not do regarding managing projects. Mr. Sands further discovered that most projects affect how people carry out their work and naturally breeds resistances. Organizational transformation requires a change management intervention. He witnessed that people tend to resist most any change that affected them. Since we live in a world of massive change, Sands is committed to supporting organizations wanting to transform who understand that change must be carefully planned and executed.

Sands is a business owner, experienced leader, project manager and change manager; trainer, facilitator and executive coa