Training & Development

Training & Development

Invest In Human Capital

Whether there is a planned change, programs and projects in progress, process improvement efforts in place, or simply day-to-day operations, each requires effective leadership to see to ensure its successful accomplishment. Leaders often require some skill development. Our facilitators are well-versed in working with leaders in a workshop or seminar setting to both provide skills, promote self-awareness, and encourage positive action to make personal changes. We have worked with leaders at every level, including aspiring leaders, those who have intentions of seeking leadership positions, to those who serve at the senior to executive level. Center for Performance mastery makes needed adjustments with a program, as needed, to provide the greatest value to its clients.

CPM Courses

  • Project management v
  • Change management
  • Coaching for leaders
  • Leading project teams
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Interpersonal communication skills

Coaching Services

Coaching is a powerful tool for individual development, both for learning new skills and abilities, resolving personal and professional issues. Team coaching can be used to assist teams in working together more effectively to improve collaboration, cohesiveness and overall effectiveness. CPM coaches are excellent professionally trained coaches who are knowledgeable of how facilitate individual development to achieve desired outcomes. The coaching can be used as a separate engagement for individuals and also as a component of a leadership development program. 

  • 360 assessments
  • Behavioral style assessments
  • Interview-based assessments
  • Emotional intelligence assessments

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