Business Process Management

Business Process Management

Improve Business Processes

Business processes drive our work in organizations. Those processes often overlap multiple departments/units.  It’s useful to review, analyze and document those business processes holistically across the entire enterprise, to obtain an integrated perspective, which is the focus of business process management. This larger perspective provides a more unique view in determining whether new processes need to be designed, current processes redesigned or simply improved. Business process management reviews the behavior of people, processes, and technology to support outcomes in support of business strategy.  BPM enables organizations to align systems with customer needs and enables the determination of resource allocation. 

When an organization successfully engages BPM, it focuses on outcomes rather than tasks.   Another aspect that is a common flaw, is that organizations will automate processes prior to performing the necessary corrective action or improvements.  Effective BPM identifies, improves, and corrects first, then seeks to apply technology, as appropriate. Processes are standardized throughout the enterprise, allowing for easier management, error reduction and risk mitigation. 


  • Process Mapping
  • Process Redesign
  • Six Sigma
  • Lean

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